How to Use Fish Finder GPS Effectively

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Fish finders are great tools for everyone including the beginners and professional anglers. It can almost pinpoint all of the best areas in a place, you will see all the details about where the fishes are. It’s definitely great if you want to avoid wasting guessing time where the fishes can be. There are probably tens of models fish finders on the market, some are definitely better than others. You must definitely learn how to use a fish finder effectively, then you can combine it with your fishing skills and go after all the big fishes! I’m going to give you few simple and important tips. When you are going to use your fish finder, keep these things in mind if you want to be efficient!

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You Have to Install it First!

These fishing equipments are generally easy to use. However, it has its own instructions which you should follow carefully. Otherwise, you are going to end up poor results and you might blame the company for it. You should figure out how to install your fish finder GPS and I’m going to guide you through the whole process. You should mount the transducer first of all. It should stay immersed in the deep water all of the time. If you don’t do that, you might miss the detection part, which is the most important. You have to find a free spot on your boat’s hull and place the transducer on that place. You need to make sure it stands inside the water at all times. The transducer is the main part of

You have to find a free spot on your boat’s hull and place the transducer on that place. You need to make sure it stands inside the water at all times. The transducer is the main part of the installation and now you know where to install it. If you want to complete the first step fully and without any mistakes, you should also do all the wiring correctly. After that, you can mount the transducer part. If the wires are too loose you might think about cutting them. However, I would never suggest this. You can over come this problem by fastening the main unit and you will solve all of the problems!

Turn it on Baby!

Before you turn it on for the first time, I want you to embrace the beauty of it. Okey, just kidding. When you open the GPS fish finder you are going to start with factory settings or you will make the first settings with the instructions in the GPS. There are preprogrammed settings in the most of the GPS fish finders but you can always pick the one for manual settings. When you need manual settings is definitely up to a fisherman’s experience. You are definitely going to need to edit these settings as you gain experience because every fishing situation is going to be different and as an ambitious fishermen you are definitely going to want the best settings! You can also turn on the automatic mode if you don’t want to bother with all of these nonsense!(i think, this is where you start to hate my jokes.)

Different Features for Different Tastes

We tend to like different features and it changes from a man to another man! This is the situation with gps fishfinders. You might become overwhelmed with all of the information and different designs out there in the beginning and it’s pretty normal thing actually. If you follow these simple steps you will learn the features of your fish finder with ease. Firstly, sensitivity is the most important in this manner, if you inspect this information closely you will definitely understand easily. You can get more information about the fishes swimming waters below. It’s displayed on the screen of our beloved fish finder. If you increase the setting to a higher value, things will become more noticeable. However, this setting varies from a model to another one!

Fish id is another thing is really important. This helps you to actually detect the fish in the water! They generally tell you about the movement in the water. As the time passes you will definitely recognize the fish arches more and you will understand the behaviors of the special fish you intend to catch.

Auto Depth is another cool feature and you must learn about it. You might know about the fish moving patterns of various species. Some fishes move on the vertical and this auto depth thing will give you an idea of it! You can easily track their movements and understand the type of fish you are after. I definitely suggest keeping this setting on, if you are after a special specimen! As you learn the benefits of this feature, you can set it the way you want.

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Understanding the Screen

Installation part and the features are generally easy to understand. You can find all of the information on the website with ease. However, reading screen is definitely important for you. You are going to be all alone when you perform this skill! You can always learn the information on your GPS fish finders web site. However, these are my tips for you. If you want to identify the bottom of the water, you can check these things. If there is a blurry and thin line at the bottom, this means the bottom is soft and sandy. Thicker lines and darker colors generally indicate a rocky place. If you hunt the rocky places, the fishes can generally hide with ease. You will definitely understand all of the simple tips as the time passes! If there are vertical lines as you can see the picture above. It means there are trees in the water and it might also mean there is vegetation in the water.

Fishes are generally colored in various colors. They can be moving in the masses. Intense colors generally indicate the fishes are close to your boat, the fading colors indicate that the fishes are far away. You can easily understand the movements of the fish with the help of sonar scanner.

Last of all, you should never fully trust the fish finder GPS, no matter how great it is! You might always come across problems if the water is muddy or murky. This kind of things will definitely effect the function of the GPS! You should also learn about thermoclines if you want to be an efficient fish hunter! When you combine your skills with fish finder GPS, you might become a fish hunting monster!


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