Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods Review


Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod is made of graphite and you will definitely feel the durability of it. B2 burled cork design provides the traditional cork and it’s absolutely cool. It’s more chip resistant and durable in this new version. Stainless steel guides are extremely high-quality. Steel inserts are definitely lighter than old versions. They are also strong and corrosion resistant. This is a great trout fishing rod if you are looking for one. Line rating varies between the sizes of the model. You can check them separately.

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod is made of high-quality graphite, it’s really durable and stiff. You can use it almost for any fishing situation. However, you should pick the rod according to the size, each one of that different line ratings!

Lightweight and Strong

I generally don’t fancy the graphite fishing rod. However, this one is definitely light weight! You won’t probably feel it between your hands! The graphite is a stiff material as you know and it provides a strong feeling. Graphite blank is also sensitive despite its strength! These are extremely great.

Sturdy Construction

Durable construction because of 60 years of tinkering! Eagle series is one of the richest heritages of the Fenwick. They are the most classic and time-tested graphite fishing rods out there. You will definitely feel the history and comfort of the modern models in your hand!

Stainless Steel Guides

Stainless steel guides are extremely durable and corrosion resistant! They are also extremely lightweight despite being combined with steel inserts. Corrosion resistance is really important if you are looking something for deepwater fishing. I can definitely suggest this one if you are looking for a rod with rich texture and durability!


This fishing rod is definitely great, you can never go wrong with classic fishing rods. Graphite is also one of the best materials out there so you don’t have to hesitate.


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