Fishing rods are the main role player in the whole thing of a fishing tool. This thick part of the tool used for suspending a line. This line generally hooked up with a lure or bait. In the old times, these fishing rods are generally made of bamboos. However, these rods are generally made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. There are some different materials used in the making of course. These caused a series of revolutionary changes to fishing rods. You have to pick the best type suited for your fishing style and needs. These needs resulted in nine different type of fishing rods and these are the most used ones!

Spinning Rods: This is the most popular rod type. Fishermen generally use it because it’s the most available one in the market. These rods sell like bread and cheese because they are suited for both heavyweight and lightweight fishing needs. You can easily catch bass or trout with these durable rods. These rods generally have strength and durability. They are durable enough to withstand the pressure caused by the fish. This type is generally combined with an eggbeater reel, they are generally great for retrieving and casting baits. The spinning rods are generally between 1.6m to 2.5m. (5ft to 8ft)

Surf Rods: These are the longest peeps in the house. They are also heavier which is a result of their length. Large baits and heavy lures used with this type of rods. You probably can guess it that: they are designed to catch bigger fishes. These fishing rods are generally in between 3m to 4.2m(10ft to 14ft).

Jigging Rods: These are perfect for commercial boat usage. They easily handle the large baits and heavy lures like surf rods. Jigging rods are also durable which means they can easily tackle the changing currents of an ocean. They are generally strong and made of solid, high-quality material!

Carbon Fiber Rods: Carbon fiber fishing rods are the most used ones in the market. The highest technology used during the process of making this fishing rod. They are generally great for coarse fishing, there are of course a variety of carbon fibers which will affect the quality and durability of the product. Hunters generally use a different kind of baits to catch big fishes with this rod, it’s a deep subject which we can talk about later on.

Fly Rods: If you like fresh water fishing these are great for you! You can easily catch trout, salmon and halibut with this one. They are generally made of carbon graphite. However, these three are the most used types:

Bamboo Fly Rods: Great for local fishing, easy to find and durable enough for most of the situations. They are really flexible and lightweight which makes them really valuable. You can easily do what you want with these kind of fishing rods.

Fiberglass Fly Rods: These are generally more durable because they are strong and heavy. They are really cheap which makes it a customer friendly product.

Graphite Fly Rods: Graphite is little bit stiff because of it’s nature. However, it’s really strong which makes it ultra effective! These are really popular in the fishermen world because they perform really well.

Game Fishing Rods: These are generally designed for deep saltwater fishing games. They are generally made really thick and don’t break easily. You can easily catch large fishes because the size of it.

Tenkara Rods: These rods are the combination of all other types. They utilize carbon, fly and telescopic rods in one. Tenkara rods have various of lengths between 10 feet to 13 feet. They are generally extremely lightweight which makes great for traveling.

Trout Fishing Rods: Trout is the most popular fish in the fishermen’s world which makes them highly available in the market. The length of these rods varies from 7 feet to 10 feet. They are generally lighter than bass fishing rods.

Boat rods: These are generally inspected under spinning fishing rods category. These are mostly used in saltwater fishing because they are thicker and shorter than other types of rods!

Top Fishing Rods

How I Should Pick Mine?

Fishing gear makes the important part of the game. Of course you can’t start fishing without having a rod :). Many of us start with a simple fishing rod, as we get experience we tend to look for something suitable for our personal preferences and needs. So it’s time to buy a high-quality fishing rod and some equipment but you don’t know what to do, help is on the way!

How can you understand if the rod is good?

I used almost a dozen of fishing rods in my fishing career, there are three things I always look at. The length, the material and the flexibility of the rod. These three are really important because they are what makes or breaks a good fishing rood. I will explain these three a fashionable manner.

Does length matter? ( Of Course, it Does! )

Length is always important regardless of the subject. You will get less action with a shorter rod. They have less torque with little reeling and casting which effects their performance. My advise for a beginner person to get a longer fishing rod because you will have a good casting range which will make it easier for you in the beginning.

What about flexibility?

Flexibility is an important factor as I told you before. If you get something too stiff or something too flexible you might even break the rod in your first usage. There are different types of rods which you should consider before buying.

Fast action rods: They are generally the stiffest in the market, it bends really a little which makes them really durable and easy to handle.

Medium action rods: These are the most suitable for the people who are just beginning the fishing hobby. They are in between slow action and fast action fishing rod, they mostly carry the benefits of other two rods.

Slow action rods: These rods are very flexible and you might even see the ones bending to the handle.

Of course the material also really matters a lot. There are different types of materials which used for different purposes. I’m going to give you tips about the most popular two. Graphite and Fiberglass are the most popular ones. You can always start your fishing career by getting one of these materials. These materials are great because they can easily handle the strain. These are highly flexible and really lightweight. You will understand the importance of light weightiness of a fishing rod once you start the fishing hobby. If we compare two of it fiber glass would be my choice for the beginning. They are great and can be used in almost any situation. They are more durable and cheaper than graphite fishing rods.

Finally, i recommend something with a length and medium action to beginner fishermen out there. You should also get fiberglass models if it’s possible. Other than that, you should also get a good pole case for your rod, if your company doesn’t send one. A rod bag is definitely important because it keeps your rod clean and safe. You can also think about fishing rod holders, they are really helpful. There are different models which you can mount on your trucks or small fishing boats. Most of the rod holders are suitable for almost any small fishing boat.